Our Work

Check out some of our latest work

Asidero Tracker

Our team developed Asidero Tracker as a software application made for simplifying your team’s existing workflow to track, manage, and report government activities at a federal level

737Max Virtual Cockpit

RealVisualz in cooperation with DiSTI corporation made a Virtual Cockpit with the purpose of training pilots for operating the aircraft of  737Max using GL Studio as a  software development tool


Circulus is an app that offers online learning solutions and LMS integration developed by our team. Offering a lot of useful features for students and professors makes the app standout from others.


ITCH is an app that offers created/customized lessons, grading, code maker and a customized version of Scratch™.


Koha is a singlepage website built with professionalism by RealVisualz. It doesn’t only look great but it also performs that way.


Whether you need to implement blended learning or create a MOOC, EDUonGo simplifies the process by serving as your all-in-one platform.


Pointap simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast!


Docfis is a software designed to help doctors worldwide redefine the way they interact with patients.


Getzona is an app developed with the purpose of making your restaurant management useful in a practical way.


99fleets is a fleet management app developed by RealVisualz team with the main purpose of giving the drivers a better approach to store their data,make notes, and generate reports.


A website of an architectural metal company developed by RealVisualz . Its user-friendly approach gives the possibility to easily access all of the services and offers a trouble-free navigation through the pages


Getmaze is an app built with the purpose of providing the user with an easier way to write and design their blogs.


Just as a real world crossword Rootonym offers the gamer the possibility to fill in the squares with the help of a clue.

My Trobo

The TROBO app will offer an avatar builder, so parents can design an avatar of their child and then insert them – and their child’s name – into the stories with the TROBO robot.


We built HCM app with the intention of offering fully integrated online HR services, Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Recruitment and Training.